Boraginales, Olacaceae and allies, Apiaceae Flora of Madagascar and the Comoro Islands

Edited by : James S. MILLER, Zachary S. ROGERS, Valéry MALÉCOT, Fátima SALES & Ian C. HEDGE

Published on 31 décembre 2021

Madagascar, the “red Island”, hosts a distinctive and highly diverse flora estimated to comprise about 14,000 species of vascular plants, about 83 % of which are endemic. Endemism is also significant among genera, and the island also has 5 endemic families of angiosperms. This exceptional diversity results mainly from the wide array of eco-geographic conditions reflecting the island’s range of substrates, elevations, and bioclimates.
The estimated number of species in the Malagasy flora is increasing year after year, thanks to ongoing collecting efforts in the field and research leading to the description of new species. Taxonomic treatments like those presented here provide a significant contribution to our understand of Madagascar immense plant diversity and document the need for its urgent and effective conservation..., MORE