Manifestes du Muséum

Initiated by the President of the Museum, Bruno David, the series “Museum Manifestos” brings together natural history to shed light on contemporary issues.
Because natural history makes it possible to cross the limits of time and space, to retrace and understand the history of the Earth and of life, to inventory biodiversity, to analyse the complexity of ecosystems, to understand the evolution of the living world and to define the place of Man on the planet, it is essential that it be at the heart of societal debates.

Manifeste du Muséum. Face aux limites

Museum Manifesto. Facing the limits

Published on 02 November 2020

7,50 €

Manifeste du Muséum. Humains et autres animaux

Museum Manifesto. Humans and other animals

7,50 €

Manifeste du Muséum. Migrations

Museum Manifesto. Migrations

7,50 €

Manifeste du Muséum. Quel futur sans nature ?

Museum Manifesto. What future without nature?

7,50 €