Top ten of WoRMS 2021: 2 remarkable species described in MNHN journals

The MNHN journals are very proud to be again in the top ten of the most remarkable marine species of WoRMS (World Register Marine Species) described in 2021 with 2 species:

In first position:
The Hidden Horniman Mysid, Heteromysis hornimani Wittmann & Abed-Navandi, 2021 described in the European Journal of taxonomy.
The incredible new shrimp species discovered in the aquaria of the Horniman Museum in London.




In ninth place:
The Balloon Backpack Isopod Akrophryxus milvus Williams & Boyko, 2021 described in Zoosystema.




These two remarkable species are a great enhancement of our journals and demonstrate our renewed effort to continue publishing quality articles.

Top 10 most remarkable new marine species from 2021: https://lifewatch.be/en/worms-top10-2021