Launch of the series Natures en Sociétés


Watch the launch event for the new "Natures en Sociétés" series published by the MNHN Science Press.

This series in human and social sciences sheds light on the diversity of relationships between nature and societies, contemporary or past. It promotes original research: monographs, comprehensive volumes or critical essays, in English or French. The books will offer a reflexive perspective, intra or interdisciplinary, on the dynamics of the living world and our practices and perceptions concerning the environment.




Presentation by Bruno David, President of the National Museum of Natural History, and Frédérique Chlous, Director of the Department for Man & Environment.

- Philippe Descola is an anthropologist, winner of the CNRS gold medal and Professor Emeritus of the Collège de France. He  presents Sergio Dalla Bernardina's book "La langue des bois: l'appropriation de la nature entre remords et mauvaise foi" ("The Language of the Woods: The Appropriation of Nature between Remorse and Bad Faith").
- Paul Keil is a post-doctoral fellow at the Institute of Ethnology in Prague, anthropologist of animal cognition and human-elephant relations. He will present Nicolas Lainé's book "Living and Working with Giants: A Multispecies Ethnography of the Khamti and Elephants in Northeast India".
- Beatrix Midant-Reynes is Director of Research Emeritus at the CNRS, an Egyptologist specializing in the prehistoric period of Egypt. She will present the collective work of Alice Leplongeon, Mae Goder-Goldberger and David Pleurdeau "Not just a Corridor: Human Occupation of the Nile Valley and Neighbouring Regions between 75,000 and 15,000 Years Ago".

Each presentation is followed by a discussion with authors Sergio dalla Bernardina, Nicolas Lainé and Alice Leplongeon.

Conclusion by Jean-Denis Vigne, Director of the Department for Research, Expertise, Valorization and Education.


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