Cryptogamie, Mycologie

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en A new species and a new record of the genus Phaeophyscia Moberg (Lecanorales, Physciaceae) from Pakistan supported by phenotypic and molecular phylogenetic analyses

Abdul Rehman NIAZI et al.

51-59, Published on 19 April 2023, art. 44 (4) DOI

en Three new species of genus Russula Pers. from Sal dominated forests of tropical India based on morphotaxonomy and multigene phylogenetic analysis

Aniket GHOSH et al.

27-50, Published on 21 March 2023, art. 44 (3) DOI

en Four new species of Tephromela M.Choisy (Ascomycota, Tephromelataceae), three containing lichexanthone, from Brazil and Mexico

Lidiane Alves dos SANTOS et al.

11-25, Published on 22 February 2023, art. 44 (2) DOI

en New species and records of mostly lignicolous dothideomycetous ascomycetes from Brazil


1-9, Published on 23 January 2023, art. 44 (1) DOI


en Revision of the Microsphaeropsis complex with addition of four new Paramicrosphaeropsis L.W.Hou, L.Cai & Crous species from Zagrosian forest trees in Iran

Saeid ARTAND et al.

159-175, Published on 20 December 2022, art. 43 (7) DOI

en The Amidella clade in Europe (Basidiomycota: Amanitaceae): clarification of the contentious Amanita valens (E.-J.Gilbert) Bertault and the importance of taxon-specific PCR primers for identification


139-157, Published on 24 October 2022, art. 43 (6) DOI

en Disentangling cryptic species in the Marasmius haematocephalus (Mont.) Fr. and M. siccus (Schwein.) Fr. species complexes (Agaricales, Basidiomycota)

Jadson José Souza de OLIVEIRA et al.

91-137, Published on 05 September 2022, art. 43 (5) DOI

en Hygrophorus roseodiscoideus Bon & Chevassut: epitypification and updated biogeography of a poorly known but widespread thermophilous species

Jean-Michel BELLANGER et al.

81-90, Published on 30 August 2022, art. 43 (4) DOI

en Multigene phylogenetic support for novel Rhytidhysteron Speg. species (Hysteriaceae) from Sichuan Province, China

Xiu-Lan XU et al.

63-79, Published on 30 May 2022, art. 43 (3) DOI

en Fungal biodiversity profiles 111-120

Bart BUYCK et al.

23-61, Published on 03 March 2022, art. 43 (2) DOI