Two new freshwater hyphomycetous species of Sporoschisma Berk. & Broome (Chaetosphaeriales) from Tibetan Plateau, China

Rong-Ju XU, De-Qun ZHOU, Zhu-Liang YANG, Ying LI & Qi ZHAO

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 45 (3) - Pages 29-37

Published on 28 February 2024

Four collections were isolated from submerged decaying wood in freshwater habitats. These species are characterized by scattered, capitate setae, straight, smooth, unbranched, brown conidiophores, phialidic conidiogenous cells, and cylindrical conidia. The phylogeny analysis using multi-gene sequences (ITS, LSU and TEF1-α) placed these isolates within Sporoschisma Berk. & Broome and formed a distinct clade separate from other species. Consequently, two new species, namely S. lignicola R.J.Xu & Q.Zhao, sp. nov. and S. verruculosa R.J.Xu & Q.Zhao, sp. nov. were introduced, based on the phylogenetic analysis and morphological features. Illustrations of these species were provided and compared with the similar species.


Lignicolous freshwater fungi, Sordariomycetes, asexual morphology, new species

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