New records of Polymeridium (Müll.Arg.) R.C.Harris from Brazil with description of a new species from the Caatinga, and a checklist of the Brazilian species

Bruno Micael Cardoso BARBOSA, Lidiane Alves dos SANTOS, Isaías DE OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, Dayane DE OLIVEIRA LIMA, André APTROOT & Marcela Eugenia da Silva CÁCERES

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 45 (4) - Pages 39-46

Published on 15 March 2024

A new species is described, Polymeridium stromatocorticatum B.Barbosa, Aptroot, L.A.Santos & M.Cáceres, sp. nov. found in the Caatinga Biome, collected at Raso da Catarina Ecological Station (Bahia, Brazil). The new species is characterized by the combination of a corticated thallus and aggregated ascomata, while the ascospores exhibit the typical characteristics of a Polymeridium (Müll.Arg.) R.C.Harris. The genus has its greatest absolute world diversity in this region of NE Brazil, especially in areas of the Caatinga. Most of the species found in this region express peculiar characteristics related to the chemistry of the thallus, due to the presence of lichexanthone and the lack of inspersion of hamathecium. In addition, an updated checklist of Brazilian species is provided.


Lichenized fungi, Trypetheliales, pyrenocarpous lichens, new records, new species

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