Comptes Rendus Palevol 22 (fasc1)

Published on
01 January 2023

en Late Miocene Dasypodidae Gray, 1821 (Xenarthra, Cingulata) from the Toro Negro Formation (Central Andes, Argentina): diversity and chronological and biogeographical implications

Diego BRANDONI et al.

1-16, Published on 16 January 2023, art. 22 (1) DOI LSID

en Another piece in the puzzle of mantis shrimp evolution – fossils from the Early Jurassic Osteno Lagerstätte of Northern Italy

Florian BRAIG et al.

17-31, Published on 23 January 2023, art. 22 (2) DOI LSID

en Interspecific competition in ictitheres (Carnivora: Hyaenidae) from the Late Miocene of Eurasia

Nikolaos KARGOPOULOS et al.

33-44, Published on 30 January 2023, art. 22 (3) DOI LSID

en Morphology and reconstruction of the retiolitines: Silurian graptolites of the Paraplectograptus lineage (Graptolithina)

Denis BATES et al.

45-57, Published on 06 February 2023, art. 22 (4) DOI LSID