Cryptogamie, Mycologie 45 (fasc1)

Published on
01 January 2024

en A new corticolous species of Mazosia A.Massal. (Roccellaceae, Arthoniales) from Guadeloupe, remarkable by its byssoid thallus

Damien ERTZ & Élise LEBRETON

1-10, Published on 10 January 2024, art. 45 (1) DOI

en Characterization of the Podospora anserina (Rabenh.) Niessl peroxidase gene family

Roselyne FERRARI et al.

11-28, Published on 15 February 2024, art. 45 (2) DOI

en Two new freshwater hyphomycetous species of Sporoschisma Berk. & Broome (Chaetosphaeriales) from Tibetan Plateau, China

Rong-Ju XU et al.

29-37, Published on 28 February 2024, art. 45 (3) DOI

en New records of Polymeridium (Müll.Arg.) R.C.Harris from Brazil with description of a new species from the Caatinga, and a checklist of the Brazilian species

Bruno Micael Cardoso BARBOSA et al.

39-46, Published on 15 March 2024, art. 45 (4) DOI

en Paleotropical distribution of the genus Neotropicomus A.C.Magnago, Alves-Silva & T.W.Henkel: a new species from India

Salna NANU & T. K. Arun KUMAR

47-52, Published on 27 March 2024, art. 45 (5) DOI