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fr Deux animaux marins en quête d’identité : rota (Pline, Histoire naturelle 9 et 32) et τροχός (Élien, Personnalité des animaux 13.20)

Julie LE GOÏC et al.

21-34, Published on 31 January 2020, art. 55 (2) DOI

en The exploitation of molluscs and other invertebrates in Alexandria (Egypt) from the Hellenistic period to Late Antiquity: food, usage, and trade

Nicolas MORAND

1-20, Published on 10 January 2020, art. 55 (1) DOI


fr Actualités scientifiques

Emmanuelle VILA et al.

XV-XXXIII, Published on 20 December 2019, art. 54 (17) DOI

en Food worthy of kings and saints: fish consumption in the medieval monastery Studenica (Serbia)

Ivana ŽIVALJEVIĆ et al.

179-201, Published on 29 November 2019, art. 54 (16) DOI

en Customs, rites, and sacrifices relating to a mortuary complex in Late Bronze Age Mongolia (Tsatsyn Ereg, Arkhangai)

Sébastien LEPETZ et al.

151-177, Published on 08 November 2019, art. 54 (15) DOI

en Plate f of the Gundestrup “cauldron”: symbols of spring and fertility

David Alexander NANCE

141-150, Published on 18 October 2019, art. 54 (14) DOI

en The modern ontological natures of the Cairina moschata (Linnaeus, 1758) duck. Cases from Perú, the northern hemisphere, and digital communities


123-139, Published on 27 September 2019, art. 54 (13) DOI

en Early illustrations of Aepyornis eggs (1851-1887): from popular science to Marco Polo’s roc bird


111-121, Published on 06 September 2019, art. 54 (12) DOI

en Archaeozoological study of a unique Late Neolithic pit from Tepecik-Çiftlik, central Turkey

Can Yümni GÜNDEM

97-110, Published on 16 August 2019, art. 54 (11) DOI

en Animal food during the Late Prehispanic Period at Sierras of Córdoba, Argentina. A zooarchaeological view from Boyo Paso 2

Matías E. MEDINA et al.

83-95, Published on 26 July 2019, art. 54 (10) DOI