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en The modern ontological natures of the Cairina moschata (Linnaeus, 1758) duck. Cases from Perú, the northern hemisphere, and digital communities


123-139, Published on 27 September 2019, art. 54 (13) DOI

en Early illustrations of Aepyornis eggs (1851-1887): from popular science to Marco Polo’s roc bird


111-121, Published on 06 September 2019, art. 54 (12) DOI

en Archaeozoological study of a unique Late Neolithic pit from Tepecik-Çiftlik, central Turkey

Can Yümni GÜNDEM

97-110, Published on 16 August 2019, art. 54 (11) DOI

en Animal food during the Late Prehispanic Period at Sierras of Córdoba, Argentina. A zooarchaeological view from Boyo Paso 2

Matías E. MEDINA et al.

83-95, Published on 26 July 2019, art. 54 (10) DOI

en The symbolism of the black sheep as a talisman in extensive and transhumant ranching in Spain: an anthropological analysis


75-81, Published on 05 July 2019, art. 54 (9) DOI

fr Actualité scientifique / Recension d'ouvrage

Jean-Pierre DIGARD

XIII-XIV, Published on 14 June 2019, art. 54 (8) DOI

en Scientific news/About

Frédéric SAUMADE

VII-XII, Published on 24 May 2019, art. 54 (7) DOI

en The ways of fish beyond the sea: fish circulation and consumption in the Atacama desert, northern Chile, during the Formative period (500 cal B.C.-700 cal A.D.)

Benjamín BALLESTER et al.

55-76, Published on 03 May 2019, art. 54 (6) DOI

en Pack goats in the Neolithic Middle East


45-53, Published on 12 April 2019, art. 54 (5) DOI

en A zooarchaeological study of Rangifer tarandus (Linnaeus, 1758) from the Croxton site in Brooks Range, Alaska, and implications for utility analysis

Martina L. STEFFEN

29-43, Published on 22 March 2019, art. 54 (4) DOI