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en Neither fish nor fowl. Isotopic evidence of a plant-based diet in (captive?) brown bears from Roman Augusta Raurica, Switzerland


59-72, Published on 26 May 2023, art. 58 (5) DOI

fr Mythes de l’origine du tigre et de ses rayures et de l’origine du taureau portant la terre chez les Jawi de Thaïlande du Sud et les anciens Malais péninsulaires : approche ethnoscientifique d’un symbole social central

Pierre LE ROUX

35-58, Published on 21 April 2023, art. 58 (4) DOI

en Food taboos in medieval Iberia: the zooarchaeology of socio-cultural differences


23-33, Published on 10 March 2023, art. 58 (3) DOI

en A dog’s life: interpreting Migration Period dog burials from Hungary

László BARTOSIEWICZ et al.

9-22, Published on 10 February 2023, art. 58 (2) DOI

en The Brooklyn snake papyrus: why the enigmatic kȝrȝ could be a chameleon


1-8, Published on 13 January 2023, art. 58 (1) DOI


fr Actualités scientifiques / Recensions d’ouvrages

Nicolas MORAND et al.

271-280, Published on 09 December 2022, art. 57 (13)

en Where are we now? Early Medieval archaeozoology in Slovenia: an overview


255-270, Published on 04 November 2022, art. 57 (12) DOI

en Human-puma (Puma concolor (Linnaeus, 1771)) relations in the Dry Chaco of Córdoba, Argentina

Thiago COSTA et al.

241-253, Published on 07 October 2022, art. 57 (11) DOI

en An emic understanding of honey bees and their environment: attracting bee swarms to nest on rafters in Belitung, Indonesia

Nicolas CÉSARD

223-239, Published on 02 September 2022, art. 57 (10) DOI

en Relations between metatarsal proximal extremity parameters and weight and height at the withers of the dromedary (Camelus dromedarius Linnaeus, 1758) in the Sahraoui and Targui “breeds”.

Baaissa BABELHADJ et al.

211-221, Published on 05 August 2022, art. 57 (9) DOI