Le mobilier Stillbay et Howiesons Poort de l'abri Diepkloof. La chronologie du Middle Stone Age sud-africain et ses implications

Jean-Philippe RIGAUD, Pierre-Jean TEXIER, John PARKINGTON & Cédric POGGENPOEL

fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 5 (6) - Pages 839-849

Published on 30 September 2006

Stillbay and Howiesons Poort stone tool techno-complexes. South African Middle Stone Age chronology and its implications

In the midst of the South African MSA, the Stillbay and Howiesons Poort technological complexes are marked by a set of ‘precocious’ indicators of modern character of the sort that characterize the industries that follow them. Unfortunately, the relative chronology of these two complexes has remained imprecise: both radiometric dates and relevant archaeological sequences are rare.

Excavations begun in 1998 in Diepkloof rockshelter (Western Cape) have provieded a sequence in which the Stillbay facies clearly underlies the Howiesons Poort assemblages. In addition, the Diepkloof Howiesons Poort assemblages have now been dated, by thermo-luminescence, to between 55 and 65 ky.


Middle Stone Age, South Africa, Howiesons Poort, Stillbay, Diepkloof, lithic techno-complex, chronology

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