La Combe Joubert (Céreste, France), un assemblage paléolithique original en haute Provence

Ludovic SLIMAK, Céline S. BRESSY, Jean Da SILVA, Christophe GILABERT, Jean-Louis GUENDON, Cyril MONTOYA, Vincent OLLIVIER, Valéry RAYDON & Stéphane RENAULT

fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 3 (1) - Pages 77-84

Published on 31 January 2004

La Combe Joubert (Céreste, France), an original palaeolithic assemblage in ‘Haute Provence’

An archaeological operation on the ‘Combe Joubert’ site (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France) revealed a lithic industry characterised by bifaces and Levallois technology coexistence. Geomorphological specificities permit a chronological characterisation of the sequence in a cold phase of recent Middle Pleistocene. Specificities of the lithic assemblage are close to the Mediterranean Upper Acheulean, only known until then by surface surveys. The Combe Joubert lithic assemblage is the first stratigraphic event for these industries in southeastern France.


Lower/Middle Palaeolithic transition, recent Middle Pleistocene, geomorphology, lithic technology

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