Radiocarbon dates of the Mayenne-Sciences cave (Thorigné-en-Charnie, Mayenne, France): a Gravettian art in northern France?

Romain PIGEAUD, Hélène VALLADAS, Maurice ARNOLD & Hélène CACHIER

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 2 (2) - Pages 161-168

The small decorated Mayenne-Sciences cave (Thorigné-en-Charnie, Mayenne) in the North of France contains 59 representations, among which are 27 drawings done with a black pigment, essentially charcoal. Some pigment scraped from two spots of one horse yielded radiocarbon dates of: 24 220 ± 850 BP (Gif A 100 647) and 24 900 ± 360 BP (Gif A 100 645). This means that part of the decoration of the Mayenne-Sciences cave was executed in the middle of the Gravettian period, and that the horse dates to about the same time as some of the Pech-Merle and Cougnac drawings.


Mayenne-Sciences, art pariétal, Paléolithique supérieur, charbon, datation, carbone 14, Gravettien, Mayenne, France

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