Usages ordinaires et rituels de la viande dans le bassin de l'Iénisseï : l'exemple du renne et du mouton

Vladimir I. D'IATCHENKO & Francine DAVID

fr Anthropozoologica 45 (1) - Pages 11-23

Published on 25 June 2010

This article is a part of the thematic issue Meat and Societies: Ordinary and extraordinary diet

Ordinary and ritual uses of meat in Ienisei Basin: the example of reindeer and sheep

On the territory of Ieniseï in Central Siberia live people of different linguistic families, from the North to the South: Samoyed, Tungus and others of Turkish languages. Reindeer and sheep are essential as resources in subsistence and in the economy of the region. We tried to show similarities in acquisition and consumption of the meat and the lack of limit between ordinary and ritual practices.


Ieniseï, sheep, reindeer, killing, consumption.

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