Nomenclature, history and taxonomic identity of Aconitum pseudanthora Błocki (Ranunculaceae)

Andriy NOVIKOV & Józef MITKA

en Adansonia 45 (23) - Pages 363-371

Published on 09 October 2023

Aconitum pseudanthora Błocki (1895) nom. illeg. is a rare endemic plant growing in Ukraine with a controversial naming history. In this paper, we discuss the history and origin of the name and its synonymy, considering the nomenclatural types for A. tenuisectum Schur (1876) and A. florecoeruleo Błocki (1884). The original author’s material was not found; therefore, neotypes were designated. We propose Aconitum anthora subsp. coeruleum (Błocki) Novikov & Mitka, stat. nov. instead of the widely misapplied name A. pseudanthora.


Ranunculaceae, Ukraine, endemic species, infraspecific variability,, Linnaean taxonomy, nomenclature, neotypifications

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