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en The maximum and the minimum: two new species of Tovomita Aubl. (Clusiaceae) from the Guiana Shield with an unusual number of stamens

Julien ENGEL et al.

165-174, Published on 20 June 2022, art. 44 (16) DOI

fr Une révision de Dendrobium Sw. sect. Rhizobium Lindl. en Nouvelle-Calédonie

Marc PIGNAL et al.

153-164, Published on 02 June 2022, art. 44 (15) DOI

en Five new records and two new reports of Cotoneaster Medik. (Rosaceae) for the Flora of Iran

Nemat Allah RAEI NIAKI et al.

141-152, Published on 17 May 2022, art. 44 (14) DOI

en Allium izmirense Pirhan, sp. nov. (Amaryllidaceae), a new species of Allium sect. Codonoprasum Rchb. from Turkey

Ademi Fahri PİRHAN

133-140, Published on 27 April 2022, art. 44 (13) DOI

en Lectotypification of Indochinese Ebenaceae published by P. H. Lecomte (1925-1930)

Nattanon MEEPROM et al.

115-132, Published on 20 April 2022, art. 44 (12) DOI

en New species and new status of Urophyllum Wall. (Rubiaceae) from Cambodia and Viêtnam

Sawita YOOPRASERT et al.

91-114, Published on 06 April 2022, art. 44 (11) DOI

en Stem and caudex anatomy of succulent plant species

Giovanna E. ROMERO

81-90, Published on 22 March 2022, art. 44 (10) DOI

fr Deux nouvelles espèces du genre Cynorkis Thouars (Orchidaceae, Orchidioideae) à Madagascar, et une nouvelle combinaison pour Cynorkis tryphioides var. leandriana (H.Perrier) Bosser

Jean-Michel HERVOUET & Johan HERMANS

63-79, Published on 15 March 2022, art. 44 (9) DOI

en Note on the typification and synonymy of Cynorkis coccinelloides (Frapp.) Schltr., C. trilinguis (Frapp.) Schltr. and C. flexuosatis (Thouars) Hermans (Orchidaceae, Orchidoideae, Habenariinae)

Thierry PAILLER et al.

57-62, Published on 07 March 2022, art. 44 (8) DOI

en Lectotypification of four Iranian endemic taxa of Echinops L. (Asteraceae, Cardueae)


49-55, Published on 28 February 2022, art. 44 (7) DOI