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en Bark anatomy of lianescent Bignoniaceae: a generic synopsis

Marcelo R. PACE et al.

167-210, Published on 30 May 2023, art. 45 (12) DOI

en Lectotypification of three names in the genus Blumea DC. (Asteraceae)

Muthalaveettil DILSHA & George SATHEESH

161-166, Published on 22 May 2023, art. 45 (11) DOI

en The French Polynesian Atractocarpus Schltr. & K.Krause (Rubiaceae): circumscription of A. tahitensis and description of A. teamotuaitaui sp. nov., both microendemic and critically endangered species in the Society Islands

Arnaud MOULY & Jean-François BUTAUD

151-159, Published on 09 May 2023, art. 45 (10) DOI

en Plukenetia kwangoensis sp. nov. (Euphorbiaceae, Acalyphoideae, Plukenetieae), a new species of Plukenetia L. sect. Hedraiostylus (Hassk.) Müll.Arg. from Democratic Republic of Congo


141-149, Published on 17 April 2023, art. 45 (9) DOI

en Notes on the typification of fourteen names published by A.R. Franchet in Saussurea DC. (Asteraceae)

Muhammad JIBRAN et al.

115-139, Published on 11 April 2023, art. 45 (8) DOI

en Synopsis of Humbertacalia (Compositae), a genus endemic to Madagascar and Réunion


93-113, Published on 27 March 2023, art. 45 (7) DOI

fr Mollinedia arianeae Lírio & M.Pignal, sp. nov. (Mollinedieae, Mollinedioideae, Monimiaceae) : une nouvelle espèce microendémique de la forêt atlantique dans l’état de Rio de Janeiro, Brésil

Elton John DE LÍRIO et al.

83-91, Published on 13 March 2023, art. 45 (6) DOI

en New records of the genus Orobanche L. (Orobanchaceae) to the Tunisian flora with lectotypification of the name O. rapum-genistae Thuill.

Ridha EL MOKNI et al.

73-81, Published on 06 March 2023, art. 45 (5) DOI

fr Une nouvelle espèce de Meryta J.R.Forst. & G.Forst. (Araliaceae) de l’archipel des Tuamotu en Polynésie française

Jean-François BUTAUD et al.

61-71, Published on 22 February 2023, art. 45 (4) DOI

en A synopsis of Ptisana Murdock ferns (Marattiaceae) in New Caledonia based on sequence data and morphology with the recognition of a new vulnerable species, P. soluta (Compton) Murdock & Perrie, comb. nov., stat. nov.

Lara D. SHEPHERD et al.

41-59, Published on 20 February 2023, art. 45 (3) DOI