Note on the typification and synonymy of Cynorkis coccinelloides (Frapp.) Schltr., C. trilinguis (Frapp.) Schltr. and C. flexuosatis (Thouars) Hermans (Orchidaceae, Orchidoideae, Habenariinae)

Thierry PAILLER, Benny BYTEBIER & Cláudia BAIDER

en Adansonia 44 (8) - Pages 57-62

Published on 07 March 2022

Most species of the genus Cynorkis are found on the Western Indian Ocean Islands. The correct taxonomic status of many species in this genus is not clear or is unresolved due to poor or lost type specimens, coupled with short protologue descriptions. Here, we lectotypify Cynorkis coccinelloides (Frapp.) Schltr. and show that C. brachycentra (A.Rich.) ex. Kraenzl.is a synonym of C. trilinguis (Frapp.) Schltr.. Moreover, C. flexuosatis (Thouars) Hermans, a Mauritian endemic, and C. trilinguis, a Réunion endemic, are different species. These clarifications are important to correct the taxonomic reference for the Mascarene flora, and to support any necessary conservation work.


Orchidaceae, La Réunion, Madagascar, Mascarenes, orchids, lectotypification, neotypification, new synonyms

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