Museum manifesto.
Environmental Justice

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Published on 30 November 2023

The environmental changes we now face have become increasingly rapid and brutal, and do not affect all human beings in the same way. Globally, those who have the least and who pollute the least are also those who are asked to make the greatest effort relative to their means, and who are consulted the least when it comes to implementing environmental policies. Environmental crises and social inequalities compound each other. They must therefore be tackled in parallel. This is possible through the notion of environmental justice, whose contours and opportunities for implementation we examine here through the prism of natural history.

Collective work under the supervision of Frédérique Chlous

Authors: Nadia Belaïdi ◊ Frédérique Chlous ◊ Marie-Christine Cormier-Salem ◊ Bruno David ◊ Christian de Perthuis ◊ Valérie Deldrève ◊ Hervé Domenach ◊ Eric Guilyardi ◊ Catherine Larrère ◊ Guillaume Lecointre ◊ Emmanuelle Porcher.


Collectif 2023 — Manifeste du Muséum. Justice environnementale / Museum manifesto. Environmental Justice. Paris: Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle; Reliefs, 104 p. (Manifestes du Muséum ; 7).

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Manifeste du Muséum.<br>Justice environnementale