Museum Manifesto. Humans and other animals

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Published on 01 November 2019

The variation in the living world, and in humans as living creatures, is general, as is the propensity of life to spread in terms of space and time. Thus, diversification, migrations and contacts have been and remain key factors in the continuity of lineages of living beings, humans included.

This manifesto was drafted by a committee formed in 2019 at the initiative of Bruno David, President of the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (MNHN). The committee was chaired by Michel Raymond, biologist, anthropologist, and research supervisor, CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) and ISEM (Institut des sciences de l'évolution de Monpellier), with for managing editor Guillaume Lecointre, zoologist, systematician and scientific advisor to the President of the Muséum. The committee members include: Hélène Artaud ◊ Alain Boissy ◊ Didier Bonnet ◊ Georges Chapouthier ◊ Bruno David ◊ Sabrina Krief ◊ Guillaume Lecointre ◊ Jean-Pierre Marguénaud ◊ François Moutou ◊ Michel Raymond ◊ Michel Saint Jalme ◊ Véronique Servais ◊ Bernard Vallat ◊ Jean-Denis Vigne.


Collectif 2019. — Manifeste du Muséum. Humains et autres animaux / Museum manifesto. Humans and other animals. Paris: Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle; Reliefs, 94 p. (Manifestes du Muséum ; 3).

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Manifeste du Muséum. Humains et autres animaux
Number of pages: 94
ISBN: 979-1-096554-89-8