Cryptogamie, Algologie

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en Building-up knowledge on green marine macroalgae diversity in the Western Antarctic Peninsula: data from two molecular markers reveals numerous species with amphipolar distribution

Hélène DUBRASQUET et al.

21-37, Published on 10 February 2021, art. 42 (2) DOI

en Molecular data reveal the presence of three Plocamium Lamouroux species with complex patterns of distribution in Southern Chile

Alejandro E. MONTECINOS et al.

1-19, Published on 25 January 2021, art. 42 (1) DOI


en Analysis of the type material of Synedra deformis W.Sm. and Synedra vaucheriae var. deformis Grunow (Fragilariaceae, Bacillariophyta)

Bart Van de VIJVER et al.

137-149, Published on 12 November 2020, art. 41 (13) DOI

en Silica-scaled chrysophytes from the Ukrainian Polissia

Dmitry KAPUSTIN et al.

121-135, Published on 26 October 2020, art. 41 (12) DOI

en Populations of a new morphotype of corrugate Lessonia Bory in the Beagle Channel, sub-Antarctic Magellanic ecoregion: a possible case of on-going speciation

Andrés MANSILLA et al.

105-119, Published on 07 October 2020, art. 41 (11) DOI

en Genetic affinities and biogeography of putative Levantine-endemic seaweed Treptacantha rayssiae (Ramon) M.Mulas, J.Neiva & Á.Israel, comb. nov. (Phaeophyceae)

Martina MULAS et al.

91-103, Published on 16 September 2020, art. 41 (10) DOI

en A critical review of cyanobacteria distribution and cyanotoxins occurrence in Atlantic Ocean islands

Rita CORDEIRO et al.

73-89, Published on 22 July 2020, art. 41 (9) DOI

en Molecular assessment of the tribes Streblocladieae and Polysiphonieae (Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta) in the British Isles reveals new ­records and species that require taxonomic revision

Cristina PIÑEIRO-CORBEIRA et al.

55-72, Published on 05 June 2020, art. 41 (8) DOI

en Distribution of potentially toxic epiphytic dinoflagellates in Saint Martin Island (Caribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles)

Aurélie BOISNOIR et al.

47-54, Published on 23 April 2020, art. 41 (7) DOI

en Morphological description and molecular phylogeny of two diatom clones from the genus Ulnaria (Kützing) Compère isolated from an ultraoligotrophic lake at the Pole of Cold in the Northern Hemisphere, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia

Yulia R. ZAKHAROVA et al.

37-45, Published on 17 April 2020, art. 41 (6) DOI