Cryptogamie, Bryologie

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en Koponobryum papillosum Printarakul & Chantanaorr., sp. nov. (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta), a new moss species from northern Thailand

Narin PRINTARAKUL et al.

143-148, Publié le 16 juin 2021, art. 42 (9) DOI

en Notes on the bryophytes of Madagascar 3. Six new Lejeuneaceae species

Tamás PÓCS

129-141, Publié le 03 juin 2021, art. 42 (8) DOI

en Does the removal of non-photosynthetic sections lead to a down-regulation of photosynthesis in mosses? A first experiment

Zhe WANG et al.

117-127, Publié le 25 mai 2021, art. 42 (7) DOI

en Checklist of the liverworts and hornworts of French Polynesia

Jacques BARDAT et al.

73-116, Publié le 18 mai 2021, art. 42 (6) DOI

en Schistidium apocarpum complex (Grimmiaceae, Bryophyta) in the Baetic Mountain Ranges, southern Iberian Peninsula

Juan GUERRA et al.

45-71, Publié le 07 avril 2021, art. 42 (5) DOI

en New and noteworthy records of deadwood dwelling bryophyte species for Turkey and Southwest Asia

Ayşe Dilek UNAN & Muhammet ÖREN

33-44, Publié le 26 mars 2021, art. 42 (4) DOI

en The taxonomic position and lectotypification of Frullania diversitexta Steph. (Frullaniaceae, Marchantiophyta) and its synonyms, with notes on the placement of F. ignatovii Sofronova, Mamontov & Potemkin

John J. ATWOOD et al.

19-31, Publié le 24 février 2021, art. 42 (3) DOI

en Schistochila gradsteinii sp. nov., a new species from New Caledonia related to S. vitreocincta (Schistochilaceae, Marchantiophyta), with a key to the local species and a description of the gynoecium of S. integerrima


11-18, Publié le 12 février 2021, art. 42 (2) DOI

en Pohlia Hedw. and Oleolophozia L.Söderstr., De Roo & Hedd. species new to Turkey and South-West Asia

Hüseyin ERATA et al.

1-10, Publié le 27 janvier 2021, art. 42 (1) DOI


en A range extension of Heterocladium flaccidum (Schimp.) A.J.E.Sm. to Africa and Asia and confirmation of its specific status

Vincent HUGONNOT et al.

265-272, Publié le 16 décembre 2020, art. 41 (21) DOI