Cryptogamie, Bryologie

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en Three new synonyms of Macromitrium japonicum Dozy & Molk. (Bryophyta, Orthotrichaceae) based on morphological and molecular evidence

Dandan LI et al.

23-36, Published on 29 May 2024, art. 45 (3) DOI

en Exploring the diversity of bryophytes in different forests in the eastern Amazonia

Ananda Karine de SOUSA-PEREIRA et al.

9-22, Published on 05 April 2024, art. 45 (2) DOI

en New records of Anomobryum apiculatum (Schwägr.) D.Bell & Holyoak (Bryaceae) from two separate populations in the Mediterranean region


1-8, Published on 31 January 2024, art. 45 (1) DOI


en Morphological and molecular evidence for a new species, Mannia gradsteinii sp. nov. (Aytoniaceae) from southwestern China

You-Liang XIANG & Rui-Liang ZHU

237-245, Published on 19 December 2023, art. 44 (12) DOI

en Spatial Distribution and Substrate Preferences of Bryophyte Species in Mangrove Ecosystems of the East Coast of Marajó Island, Brazil

Paulo Weslem Portal GOMES et al.

219-235, Published on 29 November 2023, art. 44 (11) DOI

en Distribution and threat status of the liverwort Mannia triandra (Scop.) Grolle (Aytoniaceae, Marchantiophyta) in Montenegro

Snežana DRAGIĆEVIĆ & Christian BERG

211-217, Published on 25 October 2023, art. 44 (10) DOI

en New records for the liverwort and hornwort flora of Vietnam 2. Bazzania Gray and some other collections of Pierre Tixier in the National Museum of Natural History, France

Tamás PÓCS

197-210, Published on 20 September 2023, art. 44 (9) DOI

en Bryophyte colonization on the monuments of Champaner Pavagadh – UNESCO World Heritage Site and its association with geological substrates

Disha MEHTA & Dharmendra SHAH

183-195, Published on 25 August 2023, art. 44 (8) DOI

en A world revisionary study of the genus Groutiella Steere (Orthotrichaceae, Bryopsida)

Ning-Ning YU & Yu JIA

161-182, Published on 12 July 2023, art. 44 (7) DOI

en Detangling the effects of patch attributes on bryophyte diversity in fragmented subtropical secondary forests – a case study of land-bridge islands

Feng ZHANG et al.

133-160, Published on 21 June 2023, art. 44 (6) DOI