Mieux connaître et prendre en compte la malacofaune de France : retour sur le colloque national de malacologie continentale – Nantes, 2018


fr Naturae 2021 (16) - Pages 227-232

Published on 21 July 2021

This article is a part of the thematic issue Colloque national de malacologie continentale, Nantes, 6 et 7 décembre 2018

Better knowing and consideration of malacofauna of France: return on the national continental malacology symposium – Nantes, 2018.

This article concludes the proceedings of the national malacology symposium organised in Nantes on 6 and 7 December 2018. It reviews this event, which brought together 80 participants who came to present and exchange on the work carried out in France on continental molluscs. It presents the organisation of these two days and the topics treated in five presentation sequences. The symposium covered a variety of subjects such as the state of knowledge, inventory methods, or the consideration of molluscs in evaluations and conservation management, global changes or paleoenvironmental studies. The participation of a delegation of Moroccan and Algerian researchers also made it possible to illustrate common research themes in malacology in France and the Maghreb. Finally, it reviews the scientific articles published in the journal Naturae, which thus constitute the proceedings of the 2018 edition of the national symposium on continental malacology.

Continental molluscs, inventories, assessment, global changes, paleo-malacology.
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