New species of lichen for Colombia tropical dry forest

Edier Alberto SOTO-MEDINA, André APTROOT & Robert LÜCKING

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 44 (7) - Pages 103-107

Published on 23 August 2023

Three new species of lichen are described from Colombia. Astrothelium caucavallense Soto-Medina & Aptroot, sp. nov. is characterized by larger ascospores than A. megaeneum Flakus & Aptroot; Pyrenula gigaspora Soto-Medina, Aptroot & Lücking, sp. nov. has the largest 3-septate ascospores known in the genus; and Ocelullaria vallensis Soto-Medina & Lücking, sp. nov. is similar to O. buckii Lücking, but differs in the larger ascospores and fewer septae.


Colombia, dry forest, crustose lichens, new species

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