A new species and a new record of the genus Phaeophyscia Moberg (Lecanorales, Physciaceae) from Pakistan supported by phenotypic and molecular phylogenetic analyses

Abdul Rehman NIAZI, Najam-ul-Sehar AFSHAN, Arooj NASEER, Muhammad NADEEM, Fatima IFTIKHAR, Iram FAYYAZ, Asma ASHRAF, Sawera IMTIAZ, Shahzadi Qamar FATIMA & Abdul Nasir KHALID

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 44 (4) - Pages 51-59

Published on 19 April 2023

Phaeophyscia kaghanensis Niazi, Nadeem, Afshan & Khalid, sp. nov. is described from Himalayan moist temperate forest in Pakistan. It is characterized by a greyish white to grey thallus, absence of asexual propagules, flat to slightly concave lobes, white medulla, black lower surface, large Physcia-type ascospores (24-30 × 12-17 μm) and absence of secondary substances. In addition, P. microspora Aptroot & Schumm is reported as new to Pakistan, and ITS sequences were generated from this species for the first time.


Pakistan, Garhi Dupatta, Shogran, Sharan, new record, new species

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