Fungal Biodiversity Profiles 101-110

Bart BUYCK, Guillaume EYSSARTIER, Bálint DIMA, Giovanni CONSIGLIO, Machiel Evert NOORDELOOS, Viktor PAPP, Ishika BERA, Aniket GHOSH, Walter ROSSI, Marco LEONARDI & Kanad DAS

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 42 (5) - Pages 63-89

Published on 14 April 2021

In this new series of Fungal Biodiversity Profiles, the authors provide a description for a new species of Rachomyces Thaxt. (Ascomycota, Laboulbeniales) and several Basidiomycota: for the first time illustrated type studies for two older species of Cantharellus Adans. ex Fr. (Hydnaceae, Cantharellales), C. subcibarius Corner 1966 from Malaysia and C. pseudocibarius P.Henn. 1907 from Cameroon are provided, while in Agaricales, family Inocybaceae, three new Inosperma (Kühner) Matheny & Esteve-Rav. are described from miombo woodland in Zambia (Africa): I. afromelliolens Eyssart. & Buyck, sp. nov., I. boeticum Eyssart. & Buyck, sp. nov. and I. submaculatum Eyssart. & Buyck, sp. nov. Still in Agaricales, family Entolomataceae, Rhodophana corylina Consiglio, Dima & Eyssart., sp. nov. is described and two new recombinations in the same genus are proposed together with an identification key for species of Rhodophana Kühner and close allies in Europe. Finally, in Russulales, family Russulaceae, Russula xerampelinoides K. Das, I. Bera, A. Ghosh & Buyck, sp.nov. is described from Indian Himalaya. With exception of the two type studies, all new species in Basidiomycota are supported by newly provided sequence data or already published phylogenetic analyses of sequence data.


Laboulbeniales, Ascomycota, Agaricales, Cantharellales Entolomataceae, Inocybaceae, Russulales, new species

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