New crustose lichens from a tropical coastal area in Paraná (Brazil)

André APTROOT & Maria Fernanda SOUZA

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 42 (12) - Pages 191-197

Published on 10 November 2021

Four new crustose lichens are described from the coastal area in Paraná (Brazil): Cryptothecia duplofluorescens Aptroot & M.F.Souza, sp. nov., Herpothallon purpureum Aptroot & M.F.Souza, sp. nov., Myriostigma xanthominiatum Aptroot & M.F.Souza, sp. nov., and Wirthiotrema xanthopustulatum Aptroot & M.F.Souza, sp. nov. In addition, a list is given of the 111 species that were newly recorded from the state, including nine species that are first records from Brazil. The significance of lichexanthone is discussed.


Graphidaceae, Arthoniaceae, lichexanthone, Atlantic rain forest, new species

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