Erratum: volume 41 (6) 2020: 119-132, May 4, 2020. Kwanghwana miscanthi Karun., C.H.Kuo & K.D.Hyde, gen. et sp. nov. (Phaeosphaeriaceae, Pleosporales) on Miscanthus floridulus (Labill.) Warb. ex K.Schum. & Lauterb. (Poaceae)

Anuruddha KARUNARATHNA, Rungtiwa PHOOKAMSAK, Ruvishika S. JAYAWARDENA, Kevin D. HYDE & Chang H. KUO

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 41 (9) - Pages 157-160

Published on 17 June 2020

In pages 121, 124 and 126, the given holotype identifier is incorrect. They were replaced by MFLU 18-1952. Figure 1 on page 125 is also incorrect. Here, we replaced it with the correct ­figure. Also, the holotype identifier in the legend of Figure 2 has been corrected.


Dothideomycetes, graminicolous fungi, Taiwan, new species

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