First report of the sexual morph of Pseudofusicoccum adansoniae Pavlic, T.I.Burgess & M.J.Wingf. on Para rubber

Chanokned SENWANNA, Sinang HONGSANAN, Kevin D. HYDE, Ratchadawan CHEEWANGKOON, Sirinapa KONTA & Yong WANG

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 41 (7) - Pages 133-146

Published on 20 May 2020

Pseudofusicoccum adansoniae Pavlic, T.I.Burgess & M.J.Wingf. and P. ardesiacum Pavlic, T.I.Burgess & M.J.Wingf. were collected from branches and twigs of Hevea brasiliensis Müell. Arg. in Phayao Province, northern Thailand. Pseudofusicoccum Mohali, Slippers & M.J.Wingf. is known only by its asexual morph. Here, we report the sexual morph of P. adansoniae based on phylogenetic analyses of a combined ITS, LSU, TEF1 and β-tubulin dataset. The sexual morph is characterized by immersed, uniloculate ascomata, ­cylindric-clavate asci with a long pedicel, a well-developed ocular chamber and short clavate, hyaline, aseptate ascospores, surrounded by a mucilaginous sheath. Descriptions, illustrations and molecular data are provided for the taxa.


Botryosphaeriales, morphology, new sexual record, phylogeny, Thailand

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