Two new cuboid-spored species of Entoloma s. l. (Agaricales, Entolomataceae) from southern China

Xiao-Lan HE, Egon HORAK, Taihui LI, Wei-Hong PENG & Bing-Cheng GAN

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 36 (2) - Pages 237-249

Published on 26 June 2015

Two cuboid-spored species of Entoloma (E. laccarioides and E. parvifructum) are described from S-China. Entoloma laccaroides is recognized by the umbilicate and whitish pileus, cuboid basidiospores, numerous conspicuous broadly fusoid to utriform pleurocystidia, cutis-like pileipellis with intracellular pigment, and presence of clamp connections. Entoloma parvifructum is characterized by the small, conico-convex and pale brown to brown pileus, comparatively large cuboid basidiospores, and cutis-like pileipellis with intracellular and encrusting pigment. The phylogenetic position and taxonomic relationships of E. laccaroides are compared and discussed with nrLSU sequences reported for various other cuboid-spored species kept in GenBank.

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