Cantharellus eyssartierii sp. nov. (Cantharellales, Basidiomycota) from monospecific Uapaca ferruginea stands near Ranomafana (eastern escarpment, Madagascar)


en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 34 (1) - Pages 29-34

Published on 29 March 2013

Cantharellus eyssartierii sp. nov. is described from Uapaca stands in dense mountain forest near Ranomafana (eastern escarpment, Madagascar), and is recognized by its dull colors, pale and well-developed, poorly forking gill-folds and intense yellowing of the lower stipe. It shares near identical microscopic features with the very similar C. isabellinus var. parvisporus, a woodland taxon from mainland Africa. C. isabellinus s.s., as well as the extremely close, but two-spored C. croceifolius, differ microscopically from our species in their distinctly larger, more voluminous spores. The quite similar African C. tomentosus differs from all these species in its thick-walled hyphal extremities at the cap surface.

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