Pyrrhoglossum moliniophilum sp. nov. (Basidiomycota, Cortinariales), a new species and first record of the genus in Europe


en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 30 (2) - Pages 141-152

Published on 26 June 2009

Based upon collections from the French Pyrenees, the new species Pyrrhoglossum moliniophilum is fully described. This taxon is the first European record for a genus whose few other representatives are usually restricted to habitats in subtropical to tropical climates. Apart from its morphology, P. moliniophilum is also very well characterized by its habitat: the crepidotoid basidiomes growing on tussocks of Molinia caerulea (L.) Moench, a commonly encountered grass in marshes and bogs. Morphologically, the new taxon is compared with the other known species of Pyrrhoglossum. Awaiting future comprehensive molecular data, no effort was made here to morphotaxonomically delimit Pyrrhoglossum from the evidently closely related genera Crepidotus and Gymnopilus.

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