Lectotypification of Typhula graminum and description of T. berthieri sp. nov.

Ibai OLARIAGA, Svengunnar RYMAN & Isabel SALCEDO

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 29 (2) - Pages 145-155

Published on 27 June 2008

Two syntypes of T. graminum were examined, one of which is designated as lectotype and is described in detail. The synonymy between T. graminum and T. incarnata, as currently supported, seems doubtful. The white basidiomata and the presence of conidiomata with sympodulospores on the sclerotia were not reported by Berthier and Remsberg, who studied the original material of T. graminum, nor for T. incarnata. A review of the history of T. graminum is made and the synonymy is fully discussed. T. berthieri sp. nov. is proposed for T. graminum sensu Berthier. Berthier (1976) used the name T. graminum for a species growing on Molinia and with striate epidermoid layer, and therefore excluding the type of T. graminum. The holotype and an isotype are selected amongst the collections cited by Berthier. All the materials agree with Berthier's description, except for the presence of scarce clamps and for a cuticle of up to 8 m thick in old sclerotia, two characteristics not mentioned by Berthier.

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