Three new species of Euphorbia subgenus Chamaesyce (Euphorbiaceae)endemic to Brazil

Otávio Luis Marques da SILVA, Pierre BRAUN, Ricarda RIINA & Inês CORDEIRO

en European Journal of Taxonomy 733 (72) - Pages 72-86

Published on 03 February 2021

We describe and illustrate three new species of Euphorbia subgenus Chamaesyce from Brazil: E. blepharadena O.L.M.Silva & Cordeirosp. nov., E. longipedunculata O.L.M.Silva & Riina sp. nov.and E. sobolifera O.L.M.Silva & P.J.Braun sp. nov. Based o n morphological characteristics, E. blepharadena sp. nov.and E. longipedunculata sp. nov. are placed in the subcosmopolitan section Anisophyllum, whereas E. sobolifera sp. nov.is placed in the more geographically restricted section Crossadenia. The thr ee new species are compared with their most similar species in each section, and accompanied by comments on habitat and distribution, illustrations, photographs, and proposed conservation status.


Euphorbia section Crossadenia, Euphorbia section Anisophyllum, caatinga,cerrado, Neotropics, taxonomy

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