New Late Asbian/Early Brigantian (Late Visean, Mississippian) dates in the Mouchenkour Formation (central Morocco): palaeogeographical consequences

Daniel VACHARD, Beate ORBERGER, Nicolas RIVIDI, Lucie PILLE & Mostafa BERKHLI

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 5 (6) - Pages 769-777

Published on 30 September 2006

New datings of calcareous sandstone lenses and olistolites exposed in the middle part of the siliciclastic Mouchenkour Formation indicate a Late Asbian/Early Brigantian age (Cfm7/Cfm8 Moroccan biozone). The calcareous microfossil assemblages are characterized by the problematic algae Ungdarella, Fasciella and Koninckopora and foraminifers Archaediscus (concavus stage), Pseudoendothyra and Eostaffella. An Asbian/Brigantian palaeogeography based on the depositional environments is reconstructed from northwest to southeast, from the Tizra to the Mouchenkour areas. The units, although in tectonic contacts, nearly preserve their initial location and relations.


Biostratigraphy, algae, foraminifers, palaeogeography, Late Visean, Morocco

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