Amphilemuridae (Lipotyphla, Mammalia) éocènes d'Europe occidentale : nouvelles données taxonomiques

Élodie MAITRE, Gilles ESCARGUEL & Bernard SIGÉ

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 5 (6) - Pages 813-820

Published on 30 September 2006

Eocene Amphilemuridae (Lipotyphla, Mammalia) of Western Europe: new taxonomical data. This work deals with amphilemurids, a very specialised group of Eocene small placental mammals currently considered as erinaceomorph members of the Lipotyphla order. Five European and North-American genera, including 17 species, have been recognized until now: Macrocranion, Gesneropithex, Amphilemur, Alsaticopithecus, and Pholidocercus. The study is based on mostly original tooth material, the origin of which being several European localities within either continental basin or endokarstic sediments. Tooth morphology is used to establish the systematic position, as well as to reconsider some previous determinations. One genus, Echinolestes n. gen., and six new species are named and described, making the reported diversity of amphilemurids significantly increased, especially for the genus Macrocranion.


Europe, Éocène, Amphilemuridae (Lipotyphla, Mammalia), morphologie dentaire, nouvelles espèces, nouveau genre

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