La radiation des Mammifères : phylogénie et innovations évolutives, progrès récents


fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 2 (6-7) - Pages 473-482

Published on 30 November 2003

This article is a part of the thematic issue Les chemins de l’Évolution : sur les pas de Steven Jay Gould

The radiation of Mammals: recent advances concerning their phylogeny and evolutionary innovations

In the 3,5 billion years of the History of the Life, that of Mammals seems to us all the more brief that their future seems to have deceived in some million years, at the very beginning of the Cenozoic times. For their understanding, palaeontologists as well as molecularists try to build up the phylogenetic tree of the mammals. Here some of the reasons for the conflicts and controversies between both communities are analysed. Also the main evolutionary novelties as observed in Early Tertiary mammals are described. This catalogue shed light on this extraordinary event.


Radiation, phylogeny, evolutionary innovations, Mammalia

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