Les feux préhistoriques holocènes en montagne sub-méditerranéenne : premiers résultats sur le Causse Méjean (Lozère, France)

David QUILÈS, Virginie ROHR, Karine JOLY, Sylvain LHUILLIER, Paule OGEREAU, Arnaud MARTIN, Frédéric BAZILE & Jean-Louis VERNET

fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 1 (1) - Pages 59-65

Published on 31 January 2002

Prehistoric Holocene Fires in sub Mediterranean low mountains: first results from the Causse Méjean (Lozère, France)

Charcoal remains, evidence of ancient fire, have been discovered in the dolines of the asylvatic or deforested sub Mediterranean area, from the ‘Grands Causses’. First 14 C AMS dating on Pinus cf. sylvestris charcoal, cover the period 4805–2990 yr BP. This testifies to the development of a pine forest in the transition Middle–Late Holocene. The existence of several phases of fires, affecting the forests in the northwestern areas of the Causse during the second part of the Holocene is also proved. The origin of present-day herbaceous vegetation seems to date back to the Bronze Age.


Mediterranean, Holocene, mountains, forest, pasture, charcoal, Bronze age

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