New Checklist of the Bryophytes of Italy

Michele ALEFFI, Roberta TACCHI & Silvia POPONESSI

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 41 (13) - Pages 147-195

Published on 30 September 2020

The bryophyte flora of Italy sums up 1191 species, 18 subspecies and 35 varieties. Among them, hornworts and liverworts are represented by 297 species, 5 subspecies and 4 varieties, united in 99 genera and 54 families, while mosses totalize 894 species, 13 subspecies and 31 varieties, grouped into 253 genera and 77 families. The lists include tabular distributional data by region, based on literature records and herbarium material, especially for rare and doubtful species. Similarly, it differentiates between reports before and after 1968, using the most recently published information when appropriate. Critical notes on distributional and taxonomical issues are included.


Hornworts, liverworts, mosses, Italy, Vatican City State, Republic of San Marino

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