A morphological re-evaluation of the taxonomic status of Satureja L. (Lamiaceae, Nepetoideae, Mentheae) from flora of Iran


en Adansonia 46 (7) - Pages 45-63

Published on 23 April 2024

A new circumscription of Satureja L. from the flora of Iran was carried out. The data presented are mainly based on the extensive field observation and herbarium studies of Satureja. The genus contains 12 species of which seven species are endemic to Iran. Complete descriptions for each of these taxa, illustrations, remarkable taxonomic notes, and materials examined as well as a key for their identification, geographical distribution, together with updated distribution maps in Iran are given. Some taxa are placed in synonymy for the first time here: S. kermanshahensis Jamzad is a synonym of S. bachtiarica Bunge, S. rechingeri Jamzad is a synonym of S. khuzistanica Jamzad, S. atropatana Bunge is a synonym of S. macrantha C.A.Mey., and S. spicigera (C.Koch) Boiss. is synonym of S. mutica Fisch. & Mey. Additionally, S. boissieri Hausskn. ex Boiss. was excluded from the flora of Iran, and the earlier species name, S. longiflora, previously treated as synonym of S. edmondii, is resurrected here.

Distribution map


Iran, Labiatae, Menthinae, taxonomic status, new synonyms

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