Notes on the typification of fourteen names published by A.R. Franchet in Saussurea DC. (Asteraceae)

Muhammad JIBRAN, Muhammad IDREES & Zhiyong ZHANG

en Adansonia 45 (8) - Pages 115-139

Published on 11 April 2023

The typification of fourteen names in Saussurea DC., viz. S. chetchozensis Franch., S. ciliaris Franch., S. compta Franch., S. delavayi Franch., S.eriocephala Franch., S. flexuosa Franch., S. macrota Franch., S. oligantha Franch., S.romuleifolia Franch., S. spatulifolia Franch., S. stricta Franch., S. sutchuenensis Franch., S. vestita Franch., and S. virgata Franch., published by Franchet is discussed here. In addition, we also reviewed the typification of twenty-three accepted Franchet names in Saussurea for taxonomic reference. The protologues of these names are evaluated and the original collections preserved at P herbaria, where he worked, are designated here as lectotypes, isolectotypes or syntypes.


Asteraceae, China, eudicots, lectotypifications, nomenclatural notes

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