Taxonomic studies on Indian Ophiorrhiza L. (Rubiaceae): with a new variety, new distributional record of O. medogensis H.Li for India and the identity of O. recurvipetala Bhuyan, Baruah & Mehmud

Vadakkoot Sankaran HAREESH & Mamiyil SABU

en Adansonia 44 (5) - Pages 29-36

Published on 14 February 2022

A new variety of Ophiorrhiza L., O. medogensis H.Li var. shiyomiense Hareesh & M.Sabu, var. nov. is described from Shi-Yomi district, Arunachal Pradesh. In addition, O. medogensis H.Li from Tibet/China is recorded for the first time from India from Dibang Valley District of Arunachal Pradesh. Based on the protologue, herbarium specimens and living materials, the recently published species, Ophiorrhiza recurvipetala Bhuyan, Baruah & Mehmud is synonymised under O. ochroleuca Hook.f. Taxonomy of O. ochroleuca and O. medogensis is described in detail along with colour photographs, ecology and distribution. IUCN status of all taxa under study is provided.


Arunachal Pradesh, North-East India, Ophiorrhiza, second step lectotypification, new record, new synonym, new variety

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