Asperula fidanii sp. nov. (Rubiaceae, Asperula L. sect. Oppositifoliae Schischk. ex Schönb.-Tem.): a new species from South Eastern Anatolia, Turkey

Hüseyin EROĞLU

en Adansonia 44 (19) - Pages 199-209

Published on 11 July 2022

Asperula fidanii sp. nov. (Rubiaceae) is described as a new species in the Beytüşşebap district, Şırnak province in the south-east of Turkey. Asperula fidanii sp. nov. is similar to A. fragillima Boiss. & Hausskn., A. friabilis Schönb.-Tem. and A. podlechii Schönb.-Tem. However, it is easily distinguished from A. fragillima, with its tubular, white, hairy, and shorter flowers. It differs from A. friabilis by the length of the corolla, the corolla lobes shorter than its tube and the hairless ovary. It differs from A. podlechii in that it has setulose hairs, corolla tubular and hairy. Morphology, pollen and mericarp surface characteristics of A. fidanii sp. nov. were determined. Morphological and palynological data and description of the species were provided. The distribution area of A. fidanii sp. nov. and other related Asperula L. species was also presented on the map.

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Rubiaceae, Turkey, Şırnak, endemism, new species

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