Une révision de Dendrobium Sw. sect. Rhizobium Lindl. en Nouvelle-Calédonie

Marc PIGNAL, Christian LAUDEREAU, Pierre-Louis LAUDEREAU & David BRUY

fr Adansonia 44 (15) - Pages 153-164

Published on 02 June 2022

A revision of Dendrobium Sw. sect. Rhizobium Lindl. in New Caledonia

Dendrobium Sw. sect. Rhizobium Lindl. is revised and illustrated for New Caledonia. This section consists of three species for the territory: Dendrobium bowmanii Benth, D. casuarinae Schltr. and D. vagans Schltr. The latter species, reported in 1981 in the Province Sud, has been rediscovered. It is also mentioned for the first time in the Province des Îles Loyauté. Lectotypes of D. bowmanii, D. seemannii L.O. Williams (syn. of D. vagans) and D. casuarinae are designated. The IUCN status of the three species is proposed. Identification keys in French and English are given.


Orchidaceae, New Caledonia, IUCN conservation status, conservation, lectotypifications

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