Novitates neocaledonicae XI: A new endemic species of Garcinia L. (Clusiaceae), with an emended description of G. virgata Vieill. ex Guillaumin


en Adansonia 43 (6) - Pages 49-60

Published on 22 March 2021

A new species, Garcinia urceolata Munzinger, Bruy & M.Pignal, sp. nov. (Clusiaceae), is described from New Caledonia. It is restricted to North Province, from the Tchamba valley in the south to Mandjélia in the north of the main island of Grande-Terre, occurring in dense humid rainforests on non-ultramafic substrate. Material of this small tree species was first collected more than fifty years ago but was confused with G. virgata Vieill. ex Guillaumin as both taxa have small leaves. Garcinia urceolata, sp. nov. differs from G. virgata in a number of features of the leaves, flowers and fruits. Garcinia urceolata, sp. nov. also grows at higher elevation and in wetter conditions than G. virgata. Both species are purported to have dehiscent fruit, along with other New Caledonian members of the genus, a distinctive character that was used to justify the description of the genus Septogarcinia Kosterm., which is no longer regarded as distinct from Garcinia L. Line drawings and colour photos are provided for both the new species and for G. virgata for comparison, along with a preliminary risk of extinction assessment for each of them, which indicates that G. urceolata, sp. nov. is Vulnerable (VU) while G. virgata is Near Threatened (NT).


Clusiaceae, Garcinia, New Caledonia, conservation, lectotypification,­­ new species

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