Typification of the accepted names in the variable species Anarrhinum fruticosum Desf. (Antirrhineae, Plantaginaceae)


en Adansonia 43 (4) - Pages 31-36

Published on 18 February 2021

Anarrhinum fruticosum Desf. (Antirrhineae, Plantaginaceae) is a very variable species. Three subspecies are currently recognized: A. fruticosum subsp. fruticosum, A. fruticosum subsp. brevifolium (Cosson & Kralik) D.A. Sutton (synonym of A. brevifolium Cosson & Kralik), and A. fruticosum subsp. demnatense (Cosson) Maire (synonym of A. demnatense Cosson). Anarrhinum brevifolium was recently typified by Domina & El Mokni (2019), while these other two names are discussed and lectotypified in the present paper. Lectotypes are designated from an illustration published by Desfontaines (A. fruticosum), and a specimen from P-Cosson herbarium (A. demnatense).


Antirrhineae, Plantaginaceae, Anarrhinum, Cosson, Desfontaines, lectotypifications

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