Correction d’une erreur à propos de Pachypodium cactipes K. Schum.

Jean-Philippe CASTILLON, Jean-Bernard CASTILLON & Solo H. J. V. RAPANARIVO

fr Adansonia 43 (23) - Pages 251-255

Published on 29 November 2021

Correction of a mistake about Pachypodium cactipes K. Schum.

An error in the type locality of Pachypodium cactipes K. Schum. is corrected here. Its type, the herbarium sample Hildebrandt 3114, comes from the province of Mahajanga, and not from the region of Tôlanaro. We therefore conclude that Pachypodium cactipes is a synonym or a subspecies of Pachypodium rosulatum. The plant from Tôlanaro (Fort-Dauphin), incorrectly known as Pachypodium cactipes, becomes Pachypodium stenanthum (Costantin & Bois) J.B. Castillon, J.-P. Castillon & Rapanarivo, comb. et stat. nov.


Madagascar, Tôlanaro, Apocynaceae, statut nouveau, combinaison nouvelle

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