A review of Combretum falcatum (Welw. ex Hiern) Jongkind (Combretaceae) and related species from Africa, including Combretum baldwinii Jongkind, sp. nov., from Nigeria

Carel Christiaan Hugo JONGKIND

en Adansonia 43 (22) - Pages 241-249

Published on 22 November 2021

Several new Combretum Loefl. (Combretaceae) collections from Central Africa have revealed a taxonomical confusion in that genus. To correct these mistakes two species, C. pellegrinianum Exell and C. littoreum (Engler) Engler & Diels, are resurrected and one variety, Quisqualis falcata var. mussaendiflora (Engl. & Diels) Liben, is transferred again to species level as C. mussaendiflorum Engl. & Diels. The related Combretum baldwinii Jongkind, sp. nov. from Nigeria is here newly descibed. The species included in this review have in common that they have an upper receptacle that is several times as long as wide, stamens that are not or slightly exserted and a style that is conspicuously adnate to the upper receptacle for an important part of its length. All these species, except the new one, were formerly included in the genus Quisqualis L.


Combretaceae, Combretum, Africa, resurrection, new species

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